With university students, Fergana, Uzbekistan   

Balloon above Masai Mara, Kenya

With vendor, Myanmar village market

making new friends in Gaziantep, Turkey

Don and tango dancer in Buenos Aires

Dr. Donald L. Stevens is the retired founding dean of the University of Colorado at Denver College of Business, which he built into the largest business school in the Rocky Mountain region. He founded and was president for 25 years of The Economic Club of Colorado. He was also the Director of the Institute for International Business (IIB) at the University of Colorado. Before coming to Colorado, he was a professor at the Universities of Illinois and Tennessee. He has a BA, MBA and PhD in finance from Michigan State University. An avid bicyclist, he has ridden over 3,000 miles annually since 1992.

Dr. Gail Schoettler has served on ten corporate boards and numerous non-profit boards. She has been a U.S. Ambassador, Colorado's Lt. Governor and State Treasurer, Douglas County school board president, and a successful businesswoman. She has a BA in economics from Stanford University and MA and PhD degrees in African History from the University of California. Dr. Schoettler grew up on her family's cattle ranch and continues to help manage the ranch and vineyards. Among her many awards is the French Legion of Honor (France's highest civilian award). An enthusiastic hiker, she conquered her fear of heights and climbed all 56 of Colorado's mountains over 14,000 feet high. Gail and Don both summited Mt. Kilimanjaro, at 19,341 feet.


We love to travel. Since 1987, when we led a group to China, we've enjoyed taking friends with us all over the world. We've returned to China 20 times since then and added new destinations in Eastern Europe, Africa, Central and South America, India, Central Asia, the Middle East and Southeast Asia. We'll keep traveling to new places (for us) to find more exciting options for global travel.

In 2007, we started eGlobalEducation to provide what we think are the most attractive features of international travel--new people to meet, exposure to ancient cultures, unique geographies, in-depth learning about each country.

We are always asking questions when we travel--what's the economy of this country like, what are the politics, how do leaders and shopkeepers look at the rest of the world . . . and at the U.S.A.? We get answers by meeting with leaders and shopkeepers as we also immerse ourselves in the history and culture of each country.

Each year, we lead three small group trips to destinations all over the world. We also take a couple of trips to scout new places and plan new itineraries. Over our 27 years of planning and leading trips, we've learned what our clients really value.

For example, we limit our group size to 10-12 people (almost always). And we personally lead each trip, which means we're there each hour of the day to make sure everything goes well and every problem gets handled.

We search out five star (or the best available) hotels with the most charm and best location and check out local restaurants with great food and ambience, but not filled with tourists. We know and reserve the best and most comfortable vehicles for moving about.

We include the famous cultural and historic places but also out-of-the-way experiences--riding camels into the desert to spend the night in a Berber camp in Morocco's Sahara desert; a day hike into the Shan mountains of Myanmar to visit a Pa'O village and have lunch at a local home; an all-day crossing of the Andes by boat from Chile to Bariloche, Argentina.

To get a deeper understanding of a country, we visit the U.S. Embassy for briefings by our Foreign Service officers, who are experts on the local business and political environments. We also meet with American and local businesspeople and find local businesses to tour.

This all adds up to a busy, sometimes hectic, two weeks of travel. We stay in beautiful places and fill our meal times with shared impressions, opinions and favorite photos. We know you'll get home tired, but also elated and excited about a wonderful time traveling the world.

When we are out on our scouting trips you can "travel with us" on a daily basis through our blog and photos which bring to life our daily experiences and preview our upcoming itineraries for each country and region. We relate highlights of our trips, including descriptions and photos of where we are and what we're seeing and doing. If you're interested in global travel, please check out our blog: http://eglobaleducation.blogspot.com. You'll be joining thousands of others who regularly check in on the global travel scene via our blog.

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